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"I was VERY impressed with the professional manner of my adviser...everything was on point...I feel that every minister should take advantage of this process so we can be effective in the Kingdom....looking forward to my next session.."

- Tammy L. 

"I really appreciate the impact the advisement program has had on my life and development. Prophet Tala is a great advisor, teacher, mentor and prophet. I am looking forward to what the next leg of the journey will bring."

- Angela A.

Mentorship & Training

"Prophet Price's advisement has been an invaluable tool in my life. Prophet Price is a gifted and effective communicator whose services have provided both encouragement and challenge to my life. Thanks!"

- Dexter P.

Prophetic Advisement 

"My assessment session was enjoyable and exciting. Chief Prophet Tala was extremely thorough, accurate, professional and encouraging. I highly recommend her services. I expected highly level and I received high level. Astonishing!!!"

- Monique M.

Assessment & Advisement

"I was blessed speaking with Dr. Tala Price who helped me see clearly some things that was foggy. I want to begin a monthly Professional advisement with her."

- Jackie G.

Prophetic Advisement 

"Passionate caring and professional. I received confirmation as well as direction and guidance. I saw my strengths and areas where prayer Word study and mentorship is much needed."

- Kenya D.


"My prophetic advisement was so on point and it was very key and detrimental to the season of life that I am currently in. Her sound advisement is astounding. I admire the God in her and pray that she continues to push forward in God. Love You Prophet Tala!! You're AWESOME!!!"

- Nia F.

Prophetic Advisement 

"The session was very professional and informative. It provided me with important insight to help me move forward in my search for clarity in my ministry. All of the information and advise provided is useful and I am continuing on my path using the tools that I received."

- Constance T. 

Assessment & Advisement

"Tala blessed me tremendously in just our short time! She confirmed some things that I've been wondering about for a long time! Very accurate prayers, and feedback in regards to my life and walk. She was absolutely amazing! Very professional and compassionate! I learned a lot just from our short time together. We set some realistic and attainable goals! Thank you very much Tala for your excellent services!!!"

- Brandie R.


" This session was very informative, and brought clarity on so many levels. I felt Prophet Tala looked into me and spoke those things that God revealed about my heart condition, as well as my level of ministerial maturity. She elaborated on both my strengths and weaknesses, giving me steps to take in order to improve. I am looking forward to more sessions with her, and my continued growth through the PPM program."

- Sinyon D.  

Mentorship & Training

"First let me began by saying that the one thing you can expect from the her and PPM Global is integrity and excellence. I have been exceptionally pleased with her and the services that PPM Global provides. She is timely, attentive, interactive, and covers the material she has asked you to review prior to the monthly meeting. And lastly, our discussions concerning the course material and about my life, related to my Kingdom assignment, have covered many spectrums and confirmations. To maintain the integrity of our sessions, the calls are recorded. For me, that one act, only raised the stock and credibility of the organization in my mind. In keeping with their mantra, 'If God called you to it, we want to help you do it,' they are destiny advisors and midwives designed to get you to the place that God has called you to occupy. I cant wait to see what unfolds in the remaining five months of this program and our interaction. There are many roads to Rome. If you intend to impact the Kingdom and the marketplace, you best be on the right road! PPM Global, Prophet Price will help ensure you are on the right road."

- James W.

Prophetic Advisement

"I must say I hesitated for some to schedule a prophetic advisement, but certainly desired it. I am so grateful for the ease to have a prophetic advisement and consultation and receive concrete answers. I’ve had one consultation and was thoroughly blessed, but I needed another opportunity to talk through some details as to how I arrived to the consideration of a business opportunity. I simply could not move forward without consultation. I struggled with getting to a final “yes” or “no” answer. I leaned more towards a “no” answer to this business opportunity, but still somewhat considered it as a means for household income. Praise God for His wisdom, insight and answer. Prop. Tala is an anointed vessel and knows how to pull on kingdom resources and invoke upon God for the clarity needed. As we talked, and talked, I found myself listening beyond my intellect. And then it was so “heavenly” clear what the answer was for me. I often praise God for PPMG, and Prop. Tala thank you so much for walking in agreement with the sphere of influence you’re anointed for. I am functioning with such clarity towards the purpose of God for my life. Sunday, July 19th started gloriously as I was able to converse with a pastor colleague and speak of how we are able to support her ministry. Her comment was “she was waiting to hear this from me for a while.” I believe this ministry will become an ongoing client for the consulting business. All around, praise God, praise God and thank you. My evaluation of the prophetic advisement is that this support and service is exceptional, needful and valuable to the body of Christ. The flexibility to choose the amount of time needed is excellent. The attentiveness in addressing the concern was also excellent. And I can go on and on with speaking of the value in the ability to invoke upon God for His wisdom and insight on the matter. Lastly, some may be concerned with the fee associated with the advisement and professional consultation, but I understand. I would say to those who are concerned about the fee associated with the advisement and professional consultation is that the end result was so impactful for me that the fee was of no concern. I’ve spent more than this on two hair appointments in one month and of course one hair appointment will only last two weeks (smile). God bless, Pastor Della"

- Pastor Dellaresa W.

Prophetic Advisement

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