"The goal of my services is to take the prophetic beyond prophecy. As a chief prophet I understand the prophetic is not just word but a process."

[Chief Prophet Tala Price]

A Prophetic Professionals Mentorship Union

Membership Association for professional prophets, psalmists, intercessors, seers, dreamers, scribes, prophetic ministers looking for continuing education, development, coaching, tips, expertise, and professional wisdom for excelling in their calling and purpose. 

This is designed to give prophetic ministers, gifters and officers an outlet to exchange professional knowledge, experience,  and wisdom with peers, colleagues, and like-minded vessels of service dedicated to this area of kingdom ministry. 

Member Benefits

  • Protect & Serve

  • Guard the Prophetic

  • Advocate for the Prophets of Jesus Christ

  • Unite the Prophets & Five Fold

  • Guide the Next Prophetic Generation

  • Educate the Prophets and the Body of Christ

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